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Chattanooga Dental Studio offers state-of-the-art full and partial dentures made of durable, lightweight materials for greater comfort. Dr. Chris Robertson helps patients from Chattanooga, TN, improve their ability to eat and speak with dentures custom-fit for their needs and their lifestyles.


Dentures Q & A

by Chris Robertson, DDS

What is the difference between a full and a partial denture?

Full dentures (or complete dentures) are used to replace all the natural teeth, while a partial denture replaces one or several missing teeth. Dentures promote normal eating and speaking while also supporting the cheeks, lips, and facial muscles to avoid a “sunken” or “gummy” look. Our practice offers several types of dentures, including full and partial dentures, metal-based and acrylic dentures, and immediate dentures.

What is an “immediate” denture?

An immediate denture is a denture that is made and fitted in the patient’s mouth on the same day. Conventional dentures are made and fitted several weeks after the teeth have been removed, providing the gums a chance to heal. Because they eliminate this waiting period, immediate dentures can be a very convenient option; however, immediate dentures typically require multiple fittings so they can adjust as the gum tissues heal and shrink.

What is an implant-supported denture?

Implant-supported dentures are dentures that are attached to dental implants, metal posts implanted into the jawbone. Because the attachment is so secure, dentures attached to implants are less likely to slip, and they can be much more comfortable than those that fit securely over the gums.

Are dentures difficult to take care of?

No, dentures can be cared for with regular brushing with a soft-bristled brush. It’s also very important to have regular dental checkups, even if all the natural teeth have been replaced with dentures, in order to keep the gums healthy and free from sore spots, to be screened for oral cancer, and to ensure the dentures fit properly.

How long does it take to get used to dentures?

Partial dentures usually only take a day or two to get used to, and patients who have had dentures or bridges in the past tend to adapt more quickly. Complete dentures have a longer “breaking-in” period, but the process can be “sped up” by spending some time reading out loud to become more accustomed to the way the dentures feel and fit, and by eating different foods at home before heading out to eat.

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