How do I know I need braces?

Do you have crowded teeth? Are you always biting the inside of your cheeks? Are you happy with your smile? Orthodontic issues can undoubtedly impact your confidence, but they can also affect your oral health. To help you to determine if you need orthodontics or cosmetic dental treatment, the experts at Chattanooga Dental Studio are providing this list of issues to help you decide if you could benefit from orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatment.


If you don’t have enough room in your mouth to fit all of your teeth, this is probably the most obvious sign that you need braces. When teeth are overcrowded, it not only presents cosmetic problems but oral health problems as well. Due to the crowding, food becomes easily trapped in your teeth, which can cause tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis, and potentially, periodontal disease. Crowded teeth are often the result of losing your baby teeth early. Baby teeth provide a guide for developing adult teeth. If your baby teeth fell out early, and it took a long time for your adult teeth to come in, this could have affected the way your adult teeth grew.


There are three types of bite issues that, if ignored, can cause wearing of your teeth, jaw problems, and chronic headaches. An overbite is when the upper front teeth extend beyond the bottom front teeth. An underbite is when the lower front teeth extend beyond the upper front teeth. And, a crossbite is when an upper front tooth is behind the opposing lower tooth.

Additionally, if your jaw makes sounds when you chew, or you are biting the inside of your cheeks, these indicate an issue with your jaw position and alignment of your teeth. All of these bite issues can affect the way you chew and speak.


If you have gaps in your teeth, it is called a diastema, and it can be caused by an overgrowth of gum tissue, the size of your teeth compared to the size of your jaw bone, incorrect swallowing reflexes known as tongue thrust, and gum disease. Most of these issues are due to genetics or bad habits, such as thumb sucking. Diastema puts you at risk for gum inflammation and infection.


If you are not happy with your smile, it likely impacts your confidence, and that is just as important as your oral health. Chips, stains, tooth discoloration, or crooked teeth can leave you trying to cover your mouth when you talk, laugh, or smile. If orthodontic treatment can restore your confidence, then it may be well worth looking into treatment.


All of these issues can be addressed with orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatments, including veneers and Invisalign. Having straight teeth that are properly aligned, will not only look better, but will also reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, jaw pain, and temporomandibular joint disorder.


If you have tooth gaps, chips, crooked teeth, or tooth discoloration, dental veneers are a great solution. Veneers are made from a super-thin material that is durable, and they look like your natural teeth. Veneers can correct several issues without the need for extensive dental treatment.


Invisalign is an orthodontic system used to straighten teeth using clear aligners that are custom-fit for each patient. The aligners provide the same gentle force as traditional braces to move your teeth into the desired position. They are entirely transparent, so most people won’t even notice you are wearing the aligners. They also make cleaning your teeth easier because you remove them to clean your teeth, and they provide superior comfort since there are no brackets or wires as with traditional braces.


If you have a severe orthodontic issue, braces may be the only option. Traditional braces are made from a lightweight, high-grade stainless steel with metal brackets that are attached to the teeth with dental cement. The brackets are linked with a thin archwire that uses pressure to move the teeth. Ceramic Braces work the same as stainless steel braces, but they are made from a clear ceramic material, which makes them less visible than traditional braces.


If you think you would benefit from orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatment, contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation. The experts at Chattanooga Dental Studio and their team will be happy to meet with you, review your dental situation, and provide you with the best treatment option to meet your needs. We can’t wait to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile that you will love!

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