At Chattanooga Dental Studio, we’re dedicated to providing holistic and biocompatible dental solutions that prioritize your health and well-being. Our commitment to offering natural and safe dental procedures sets us apart. We understand your concerns about materials used in dental work, particularly the presence of potentially harmful substances like BPA.

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What Sets Us Apart

Holistic Approach: Our holistic approach to dentistry ensures that we consider your overall health while providing dental solutions. We take into account how dental procedures can affect your entire well-being.

Biocompatible Materials: We exclusively use biocompatible materials for our dental services, ensuring that your dental work is harmonious with your body. This means avoiding substances like BPA that can disrupt your endocrine system.

Natural Dentistry: Our dedication to natural dentistry means we prioritize treatments that are safe and free from harmful chemicals. We aim to minimize your exposure to potentially harmful compounds during your dental procedures.

Our Biocompatible Products

Jess Clifford, a materials expert and biocompatibility specialist, has identified several dental products that are free from Bis-Phenol A (BPA) and are suitable for our biocompatible approach:

  • Diamond Crown
  • Diamond Flo
  • Diamond Link
  • Venus Diamond
  • Venus Diamond Flo
  • Venus Pearl
  • Visalys Temp

These products align with our commitment to providing safe and biocompatible dental solutions. We also offer a range of products that are claimed to be free of dissociable, easily released, or ionizable BPA, including:

  • Admira
  • Clearfil
  • Concise
  • Esthet-X-HD
  • Filtek Supreme
  • Filtek Supreme XT
  • Filtek Z-250
  • Grandio SO
  • Herculite XR
  • Kalore
  • Point 4
  • Premise Indirect
  • Vertise Flow
  • Z-100

You can trust that your dental work at Chattanooga Dental Studio is designed with your well-being in mind, using materials that prioritize your health.

Your Path to Holistic Dental Health

If you’ve had dental work in the past that may not have been biocompatible, there’s generally no need to remove it. Research shows that the highest exposure to potentially harmful substances like BPA occurs during the placement of these materials. However, going forward, we ensure that all our future fillings and sealants are BPA-free, aligning with our commitment to your health.

At Chattanooga Dental Studio, your well-being is at the core of our biocompatible dental services. Trust us for holistic, natural, and biocompatible dental solutions that prioritize your health.